Robo Quest


Help the little robot make it to his party


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Robo Quest is a short graphic adventure with characters reminiscent of those in the excellent game Machinarium. This game, though, has an entirely different story and a completely different look. And it's also a much shorter game, when all is said and done.

The gameplay is very simple: you control a little robot who's been invited to a party and has to get there on time. The problem is that he's been caught and has to escape in order to make it to the party.

As usual in adventure games, your little robot has to solve a series of puzzles and interact with certain characters in order to achieve his goal. And it's all framed by a short story that takes just about 15 minutes to finish.

Robo Quest is a simple graphic adventure in every respect, and while it's pretty short and easy, it has delightful graphics and a handful of really entertaining moments.
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